hello everyone.

just wanna share a recipe for chicken chop with mushroom sauce.

actually, my recipe is simple. i used ready-made chicken chop which i only need to deep frying it. 

same for the chips, just deep frying. and add up some salad for additional fiber on balance diet! (cucumber, lettuce, tomato, etc…) ^^,

the sauce for the chicken chop, i made it my own. 

only use 6 ingredients :

  • butter / oil
  • garlic
  • campbells (cream of mushroom)
  • 3/4 cups of water
  • black pepper powder
  • sweet soy sauce / kicap
  • sliced mushroom(if you wanted to)

methods :

  1. heat the butter / oil
  2. add garlic until the garlic gold in colour
  3. add sliced mushroom, campbells, and water.
  4. stir continuously
  5. put some black pepper powder and kicap until the sauce dark in colour
  6. cook for 3-4 minutes

that’s all! easy! its only took about 10-15 minutes to serve this recipe!


p/s: it’s better if you use home-made chicken chop rather than ready-made. i wish to try em soon!

recipe from my aunty,uchu Lela.

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